3 reasons why not develop a mobile app (#2 is the smartest)?

Many businesses choose to create and develop a mobile application as part of their strategy. The marketing specialists support this decision in some cases just because the mobile applications are attractive, fashionable and appreciated by the public (in fact not all are appreciated, only few of them !!!). As a result, some businesses make this choice from the start-up phase, others shortly after launch (2-3 years). The mature businesses sometimes choose this strategy because the effort involved for the creation and development of the mobile application is not too much for them.

Obviously, mobile apps offer many benefits. One of the most important is that it offers direct interaction between customers and business in a very convenient way for mobile users: anywhere, anytime and on-demand. This is certainly valuable.

There are many questions that businesses need to find arguments and resources before to take the decision to strategically engage a mobile application in the marketing mix. Here are the 3 most important questions that we have identified as a result of discussions with prospects and customers of GOiN.

1. Do the businesses have expertise and capital to support a mobile application project? But to support the effort needed for further development and maintenance?

If we look at how start-ups are being evaluated by angels investors, we will see that they assess the potential of the business especially as a result of the team's evaluation, and less in terms of the idea itself.

In the context of this article, it means that if the business has a team of specialists (engineers, architects, marketers and so on), then the decision to develop the mobile application can be just. Otherwise, it will be a similar initiative to millions of applications that are offered by start-ups from all over the world that fail to overcome the initial phases. There will be wasted resources.

2. Does the development of the mobile application offer the opportunity to highlight the unique proposition that characterizes the business?

If the business proposes to the public its own concept that cannot use already existing technological tools to provide its customers with benefits, then the development of their own mobile application is needed. If the business needs technology input in areas that do not generate benefits for customers, then developing of the mobile application makes no sense.

Why would a speaker or trainer need a platform to offer tickets for own events? We think that this part is needed for its specific purpose: to provide to the buyer the tickets in exchange of the cash. The ticketing part help the speaker to create a differentiator in relation to its competition? No, definitely not! What is it representing the ticketing platform for the speaker? It is obviously that the speaker need such tool to create a point of contact with the audience and to be able to sell the tickets. This is the real need, to meet and to sell.

3. Can businesses overtake the adoption barriers of the mobile application?

The adoption of the mobile application by mobile users is not easy at all. There are a lot of things the application needs to overcome, the road is tedious and requires a lot of effort and concentration. 

Instead to build another "own" solution, a valid option for businesses is to register to a marketplace to gain more knowledge and to solve the meeting and selling issues. By registering on a marketplace, the business benefits the trust of users which is guaranteed by the marketplace brand. The fact that the business registration was accepted translates for users that the business achieves at least an acceptable minimum standard for them. Of course, the business needs to guarantee a high standard so that it can grow and strengthen its position in this new ecosystem (which also applies to the other ecosystems the business belongs to).

In this context, the adoption and strict success of the mobile application is no longer (or should not be!) a preoccupation for the businesses. It is true that market valuation by the business is necessary, but the business focus is on the things that matters for its clients.


The global online market offers so many solutions that the attention of the entrepreneurs will soon be directed to assembling the puzzle pieces into a functional and appropriate architecture with every level of business evolution.

Time is short and speed is huge, don't you think?

Leave us your comment below, whether you want to make a supplement, or that you are totally in contradiction with us. That's how we're winning together. 😉

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