Invitation to test the GOiN Explorer mobile app for Android

With more mobile devices running GOiN Explorer, we will have more valuable information for us about the performance of the application. And a better future experience for you!

Hello buddy,

GOiN is the platform that gives you freedom to explore and create. GOIN users will enjoy the tools we provide to create and explore the projects that take place in their own city or anywhere in the world. GOiN will secure your stuff and will offer you a better way for future adventures. We know all mobile device user have great expectations from each app will use. To ensure that we fulfill the mission that GOiN Explorer delivers a great experience to users around the world, we kindly invite you to support our efforts by running this application on your mobile phone. We need you to access the major app modules and, why not (?), to send us your feedback.

As you already know, GOiN Explorer for Android is free and always will be.

Step 1: Install GOiN Eplorer o your device

Install GOiN Explorer from Google Play store.

Step 2: Create account

After you create your new account, please check your Inbox (maybe also Spam) folder for the message containing account activation link; we are sending to you the email message no later than 1 minute.

Note: Deleting or loosing this email is not an issue, you can request a new activation link following this page.

Step 3: 360 Future

Go to the 360 Future section, click Current position (blue button, bottom right) and long tap in downtown Bucharest. After that, please Set radius = 10 and you'll get great projects. If you wish, you can continue the demo acquisition process of one or more GOiNs.

Step 4: Synchronize

Go to the Synchronize module to bring GoiNs previously purchased on your phone. If you did not purchase GOiNs, please still access this module to make sure it works properly on your mobile device.

Step 5: Buddies

Go to the Buddies module to add a friend to GOiN Explorer. If there is a GOiN account for the email address you want to add, then a relationship with it will be created (to become active, the relationship must be accepted by your friend). If there is no GOiN account created for the email address you want to add, your friend will receive your invitation by email.

Note: The next step for us is to test the web tools we are offering for free for the people who are loving to create great projects. Stay tuned and connect with us!

That's it! We hope that you enjoy helping us. Thank you so much.

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