Become an Organizer

Do you want to create projects? Good news for us 🙂 , thank you!

To become an Organizer (creator of projects on GOiN platform), you need to configure you online shop. To do that, please access the section Become an Organizer and click on Edit online shop settings button. You'll need :

  1. to supply your company commercial information - this information are requested in order to offer to your future clients the receipt of the transaction they will make by buying GOiNs for your projects.
  2. to chose a name for your shop; the name you'll chose will be part of your a unique URL on GOiN platform. It is important for you to know that you will need to supply this URL to the online payment provider in order to get an active online payment account. You need to understand that if you are changing the shop name, the URL will change and you need to go through the online payment setup once again.

Become an Organizer (web page view)

Shop name and commercial information completed (web page view)

Let us know if the information is relevant for you or simply ask us a question using the comment form below.

Have a nice experience!

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