Andrei Mirlogeanu offered insigths about the future of

Our meeting with had like main objective to reveal the way platform will be a part of the future, the main features, advantages and benefits are offering both for businesses and end-user (consumers).

I was very glad to discuss with Mihaela ( representative) because we found a partner interested in knowing our vision to create new technologies and new models that make it more efficient and bring benefits to businesses in the area of public events. It's glad to see that beyond the fun and socialization component, people realize they can optimize their efforts with mobile devices.


I am very grateful to the team at, thank you very much for the opportunity to meet you. - Andrei Mirlogeanu, founder and architect

Some of the questions you'll find the answers reading the article published on are:

  1. I found out how it came about, but please give me more insights about the platform?
  2. Do GOiN-ers have the opportunity to create projects and sell them through the platform? How does this happen?
  3. To become an Organizer, a business needs to set-up the online payment information. Who do you work with on this side?
  4. If you would compare GOiN with other platforms, which would be the ones and what strengths do you get?
  5. How do you see the business events sector? Are Romanians ready for all these digital solutions?

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