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We are glad to offer you the information and support you need in order to have an amazing experience with GOiN. Even if it is about GOiN mobile ticketing platform, about GOiN Explorer and GOiN Organizer apps, or about how to manage your projects like an organzier, you will find a lot of information here. Do not forget to contact us using the web contact form or to talk directly with us using the website chat (go to to find the chat window).

Scanners | Validate GOiNs

  1. Introduction
  2. GOiN Organizer app | Overview
  3. How to use scanners?
  4. How to promote your projects?
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About GOiN platform

  1. GOiN's concept
  2. Why to chose GOiN?
  3. How to promote?
  4. Your stuff is secured
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Help and support

  1. Website chat
  2. Connect with us
  3. Payment providers
  4. Download GOiN's apps
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